Psalm 90:17

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us ~ yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17

Monday, January 20, 2020

More To The Story

 You've heard us say it many times, "More than a yarn shop, we’re a ministry and a mindset!" and that does sum it up well. That’s our “slogan” here at the Lamb’s Loom! Now, it is true that we have a pretty cool yarn and gift shop and truly enjoy all the fun time in the Sit-n-Knit room, but there’s more to the yarn than soft fibers.
Every year The Lamb’s Loom collects donated knit and handmade items and then distributes them to people in need all over the world. The donation chest is at the heart of all we do. There are people who will receive their gift of warmth from deep South Texas (and we do have a lot of warmth to pass around!)  and that is a wonderful thing. In addition to that, we have learned in our years of doing this, that there is more to these stories. Wrapped inside that hat, or scarf is the care and love of the Maker. It is a gift of encouragement to those who need courage. It is a gift of prayers in every stitch for the recipient. These items that are given are the tangible gifts of caring for another.

At our Yarn Tasting this year we did our "big reveal" of the total number of items that were donated...
That is just over 1,000 more items than last year!!!!
Everyone is welcome to join us in the journey of spreading a little joy around our world. You don’t have to knit or crochet, either. The yarn and gift shop help fund this mission, along with your tax deductible donations.
We do hope you’ll come visit and hear a few stories of the encouragement these gifts have been to so many around the world and become a PEG! 

Pray, Encourage, Give 
….Remember, The Lamb’s Loom is not just a yarn shop, it’s a ministry and a mindset.
The Lamb’s Loom is located at 1102 Tamarack in McAllen. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Additional parking is available in the rear via Upas Ave.You can also find us on FaceBook or Instagram.
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Monday, January 6, 2020

Yarn Tasting Kickoff 2020

Come celebrate with us as we kick off another great year at The Lamb’s Loom! Your generosity over the last year is what encourages us all in the mission efforts here. In 2018 we surpassed the donations received by over 1000, so that means over 3200 handmade knitted & crocheted items were given to those in need in 2018! We do want to extend a special thank you to everyone who comes in and adds so many lovely items to the donations chest! You are a blessing to soooo many!!!!
 We are excited to see what this year holds and grateful for your participation in what is ahead. Our 2020 kickoff is our Sixth Annual Yarn Tasting when we will announce the final donation chest count of 2019. If you’ve never been to our Yarn Tasting, you really should join us on Saturday, January 11th! Every year promises new yarns to try, fantastic people to share with, classes to sign up for and yummy food. And let’s not forget the door prizes and drawings!
 This year’s Yarn Tasting will be held on Saturday, January 11th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., so mark your calendar!
 We do hope you’ll come visit and hear a few stories of the encouragement these gifts have been to so many around the world and become a PEG! Pray, Encourage, Give….Remember, The Lamb’s Loom is not just a yarn shop, it’s a ministry and a mindset.
The Lamb’s Loom is located at 1102 Tamarack in McAllen. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Additional parking is available in the rear via Upas Ave. You can also find us on FaceBook, Instagram or our website:
Happy 2020 to you all... 
May your knots be few, your purls be many and your stitches continue to be blessed to share God's love throughout the world!
#stitchitforward #LambsLoomFun

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fall Classes are on the calendar!
You can register on the website, or come in the shop and we'll get you all set up. And as always, we're happy to set up one-on-one "learn-to" classes, just call! πŸ‘

CPR  ~ With Tina, the nurse! πŸ˜‰  ~ Intro to
Crochet Pattern Reading                                  
 $20 class fee & yarn

Dates: Friday 10/11 & 18 10:30 a.m.

          Materials: 2-Major, stitch markers

          Skill Level: Beg. level – 

CAL  ~ with Alys                                                           Top That!

          Time: Kick Off 10/9 10:30 a.m.                              $20 class fee & yarn

          Materials: Cotton True Sport, H hook

          Skill Level: Adv. Beginner, good “first clothing item” project

Cocoon Jacket  ~ with Irma                                        $20 class fee & yarn

          Time: Wed.10/23  1-3 p.m.

          Materials: Major (2), optional trim skein of Anthem Chunky, J or K hook

          Skill Level: Beginner, good “first clothing item” project

Bear-y Christmas Class ~ with Peggy                          
$20 class fee & yarn

          Time:  Tuesday 11/5 & 23  10:30-12:30

          Materials: Uptown, H crochet hook

          Skill Level: Adv. Beg. – Polar Bear or Snow Bunny

Scary Bear-y Class (Scarecrow)~ with Peggy               
$20 class fee & kit

          Time:Tuesday  9/11 & 18   10:30-12:30

          Materials: Nifty Cotton/Comfy Cotton Kit, 
                         H crochet hook

          Skill Level: Intermediate – 
           needs to know critter construction

Long Loom Colorwork~ with Alys & Jeanie               $10 + yarn ---

          Time: Thursday 11/7  1-3 p.m.

          Materials: 1 each Alaska & Swaddle, long loom & pic

          Skill Level: Adv. Beginner

Three Part Tunisian Series:

L2T  Learn to Tunisian 
Part 1~ with Alys                             
$20 class fee & yarn

Time: TBD

Materials: Pacific Wave (2), I or J Tunisian Hook

Tunisian Blanket Part 2~ with Alys                           $20 class fee & yarn

          Time: TBD

          Materials: Comfy Cotton, J or K Tunisian Hook

          Pre-Req: Must take Part 1 and know TSS & TPS TDS

Tunisian Shawl Part 3~ with Alys                              $20 class fee & yarn

          Time: TBD

          Materials: Bamboo Pop, H Tunisian Hook

          Pre-Req: Must take Part 1 & 2 and know TSS & TES

Crochet Chart Reading Set 1 ~ Alys & Jeanie                   

          Time: Wednesday 9/25 & 10/2  10:30 a.m.

          OR     Saturday 9/28  & 10/5  10:30 a.m.        $20 + yarn

Materials: Encore

          Skill Level: Beginner

Crochet Chart Reading Set 2 ~ Alys & Jeanie        

          Time: Wednesdy 10/16 & 23 10:30 a.m.     

          OR     Saturday 10/19, 26 & 11/2  10:30 a.m.  $20 + yarn

Materials: Worsted

          Skill Level: Intermediate  (CCRS 1 skills)

Crochet Chart Reading Set 3 ~ Alys & Jeanie                    Fortunes Shawlette   

          Time: Wednesday 11/6, 13 & 20

          OR     Saturday 11/9, 16 & 23 10:30 a.m.                      

Materials: 2- Malabrigo Rios    J Hook                             $20 + yarn

          Skill Level: Advanced (CCRS 1-2 skills)

Crochet Chart Reading Set 4 ~ Alys & Jeanie                    Erigenceia Shawl

          Time: Wednesday 12/4, 11 & 18

          OR     Saturday 12/7, 14 & 21 10:30 a.m.               Free Ravelry Pattern

Materials: Bamboo Pop   G or H Hook                              $20 + yarn

          Skill Level: Advanced (CCRS 1-3 skills)

Weaving with Peggy                                              Sign up for One-on-One workshop
Time: 10am – 4pm                                                  $50 + warp yarn

          Materials: TBD

          Skill Level: Learner

First Shawl on the Loom ~ with KnitWits                  Yarn purchase only, 
                                                                                no class fee
          Time: Thursdays 4-5:30

          Materials: 2 skeins Plucious & 1 Bamboo Pop

          Skill level: Advanced Beginner


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Come Celebrate With Us!

Mark your calendars, 
'cuz we're counting down till our 5th birthday party!

Join us for lots of #YarnFun birthday presents, 
door prizes and surprises!!! 
#LambsLoomFun awaits you! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Let the #christmaspresents begin!
Just had to share a few fun project ideas...cuz,
#summerstitches & #SitNKnitRoom are a GREAT combo!!! We hope you'll come join the fun and enjoy some great company, fun yarn and share handmade present ideas!!!

Ann is working up a pair of fingerless mitts using Cascade Yarns #anthem πŸ˜„SO CUTE!

Alys is on a roll with her lap blankets created from Lion Brand Yarn's Comfy Cotton and Heartland ....her own pattern, of course! Just love this color combo and SO Soft!!!

Karen is working up a hat with Malabrigo new yarn #susurro ...we are in πŸ’—with Susurro!!!

And you'll love Peggy's Snowman themed hats!!! Using more Anthem from Cascade Yarn.

Chris has her Pirate's Cove working up in Universal Yarn's Bamboo Pop...a shop favorite! 

Eugenia is busy with shawls for shop samples, so there's no telling which yarn or pattern she's working on! πŸ˜‰

We'll keep sharing our Summer Stitch ideas with you and hopefully help you get inspired for your jump into Christmas this year! 


Monday, April 29, 2019

Summer classes are beginning!

Stop by and check out the demos of our current classes....and as always, we're happy to schedule a one-on-one "Learn-To" class for you in knitting, crochet, loom knitting or Tunisian crochet!

Signups for classes kicked off last Saturday during #LocalYarnShopDay 2019...
We all had a blast during Local Yarn Shop Day! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support YOUR #lys on Saturday. Your continued support throughout the year is what keeps things going around here...just think, this August is our FIFTH birthday party!!! What a journey, thank you all!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2019


This is a day created by The National Needle Arts Association to celebrate YOUR local yarn shop...and that's us! 

It's a time to celebrate with your local community of fiber lovers and #supportlocal
We will have a few new goodies, 
drawings and FUN ready for you!

Hope you'll join us on Saturday, April 27th!!!