Psalm 90:17

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us ~ yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End of the Year?

How can that be? Time has flown by and it just doesn't seem like FOUR months since we first opened the doors to The Lamb's Loom!  God's provision continues to amaze us all...thought we'd share just a few pics from this Christmas ~

 Thanks to a couple of good friends, we have SPACE BAGS!!! So, of course we put them to good use for shipment with Melody at the Dump Church in Reynosa, Mexico and Pastor Mike into Durango, Mexico (It sure helps stuff them into the back of the little plane he flies down there!) and for all the items that Peggy and her teams take to China! 

We had a fun visit with Pastor Mike, just listening as he shared so many wonderful stories of people being reached up in the mountains. Melody and Peggy have shared some truly amazing stories with us, too. They are all so great about sending us a few pics, so we can put some faces with our prayers....

There's just nothing like getting emails and texts from our dear friends where ever they are in the world!
 There are links to the various missionaries we serve here on our blog. Treat yourself to a few minutes of reading their stories, which are a part of yours, too!

And so we do....pray for safe passage for them all and God's care and keeping over them and those they serve. Thank you ALL for your support and participation in this ministry. We know you're with us every stitch of the way!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Dance


It is OFFICIAL! We received the IRS letter today stating that we are officially granted 501 (c) (3) status! What a sweet answer to prayer.
There are soooo many things happening that it is hard to keep up now! We have Pastor Mike coming in this afternoon to meet everyone and pick up the hats and things for Durango, Mexico and we got word that Hope, our friend from Beijing, may be coming to visit us the first weekend of January!

So, we’re working and planning some FUN stuff….
like a YARN TASTING on January 3rd! There will be a morning brunch and lots of fun yarn to test out. We are counting on everyone’s input from this to help out with our future orders. It should be a fun morning, so hope that you will mark your calendar now.

It has been wonderful to meet some of the group called The Border Stitchers, too! They heard about us and have been dropping in to check things out. What a blessing to meet all these neat ladies! Shelly brought a couple of hats for Mexico, some have shopped and Merrie even brought her project bag and sat for a while. We’ve said this in a previous post, but it seems the thing that is always worth sharing is where our heart is around here….Our heart is set on being about the people, not the process.

Whether it is a connection made sitting with each other in the KnitWit room, or the love someone half way around the world feels when they receive a prayer shawl…above all, we’re about the people.
The shop in the Lamb’s Loom is about providing the resources to do more “people” stuff! The KnitWit room, or Sit-n-Knit room as some like to call it, is available any time you’d like to come by for a few peaceful minutes. Even if you don’t knit, there’s always a chair for you at The Lamb’s Loom.

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!

Christmas hours:
Regular hours thru Christmas eve

Closed 12/25 ~ 12/29 and 1/1/15

Regular hours resume 1/2/15

Saturday, November 15, 2014


So many wonderful things continue to happen at the shop! We are soooo very grateful for all of you that keep coming in and supporting the prayer shawl ministry in many ways. A perfect example are these hats. Yesterday we were given two more FULL bags of hats for Mexico. Arlene, Thank you – THANK YOU!!!

Next week we will be sending off another box of shawls for the final trip of the year to China and the group of hats and things going to Like Elijah Ministries for the Dump Church in Reynosa, Mexico. THEN, we will get all the hats set for the first week in December for Pastor Mike’s trip to Durango, Mexico.

And so much to share about the shop and the activities there. The Tuesday morning hat class has become a regular thing….Friday mornings and the Needle Knitting class are going really well and Saturday mornings are pretty busy. And all during the week it has been such a blessing to have friends stop by for help on their current yarn project, or just to sit and kick back a little. 

There are new things coming in all the time, both consignment “gifty” things and yarn and notions and more yarn! Thanks for spreading the word and helping in all the sweet ways you do!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You're Invited!

The first Thursday of November and December, during KnitWit time, we are having some very special friends come to The Lamb’s Loom!

On Nov. 6th, Melody Durant of Like Elijah Ministries, will be coming to share about some of their work. For the last two years, we have sent prayer shawls and hats with her for Christmas at the Dump Church in Reynosa, Mexico. Melody and her husband have a wonderful mission to serve these dear people and God has blessed us with the opportunity to join a little yarn to the effort.

On Dec. 4th, Pastor Mike of Charity Rescue Mission, will be here! Pastor Mike has been serving in the mountain areas of Durango, Mexico for over 25 years. He has been flying his little plane into the mountains delivering medicine and other essentials for all those years, along with many mission teams to help serve this very under-served population. We have truly enjoyed filling space bags full of hats for the journey south every Christmas!

We will be packing bags of hats and shawls, praying over them and sharing ideas to start this all over again for next year!
Nov. 6th and Dec. 4th from 4-6pm!

Your support of the Lamb’s Loom goes to help serve ministries just like these… So, please come join us and see what this is all about!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SOOOO Much News, so little time!


Things are just flying along here at The Lamb's Loom! We have more classes starting this Saturday for the long loom, needle knitting classes on Friday mornings and more! For all our events, you can always check out the calendar tab above this post.

AND what FUN to have all y'all stopping in during the day, just to sit or get a little help on your project. THAT is just what our KnitWit room is all about!

The Scripture board is up, too...and it is just PERFECT! 
The hat and shawl chests are filling up for Christmas, too! 

Our friend Melody, who serves the people at the "Dump Church" in Reynosa, Mexico, will be coming by on Thursday, Nov. 6th to meet everyone and share some of what they have planned for their Celebrando service. 
Pastor Mike will be visiting us, too! He will be here on Thursday, Dec. 4th. Pastor Mike serves many of the people in the remote mountains of Durango, Mexico and others in the US. 
Stay tuned for details on these two sweet people and their upcoming visits to the shop...We're all super excited for them both to see our new place and some of what God is doing north of the river!

We will also have pics and stories from Peggy's latest trip to China, soon. Another trip is in December, so we will be shipping out to her around Thanksgiving.  

Links to their blogs are on the left column of our blog, so you can get updates anytime! 

With the holidays just around the corner, we're very encouraged by those who have joined in the Loom~Along! Hope you'll come join the fun and loom along with us,too. 
Sooooo very blessed to serve with y'all! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is it really October, already?

We all know that here in South Texas it is difficult to tell the seasons....October 1st and the high projected is 90! So even tho' the leaves aren't changing, at the shop we have lots of fall colors for you with yarn and gifts!

 Come join the FUN at The Lamb’s Loom!

  Knitting room, with comfy chairs just for you!
  Featuring yarn by Lion Brand and Cascade Yarns
  Notions corner
  Hand-crafted gift items
  Loom Knitting classes
  Consignment items

Last week we sent off another two boxes of prayer shawls for the October trip to China. Have we mentioned that space bags are our friends?
You can always check on progress of the trips thru their blog @

We truly appreciate everyone who helps in prayer and other support of these ongoing ministries in Mexico and China.
Thank you!!!

Lamb's Loom
10-5:30 Tuesday ~ Saturday
‘cept Wednesday 10-4

Located inside Jac-Lin’s Florist & Art Gallery 
1209 Pecan Blvd. McAllen