Psalm 90:17

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us ~ yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


There just does not seem to be the enough words to say thank you to every one of you! Every little thing, every bit of yarn, donated hats and prayers lifted up has been woven together so beautifully over the last year and half.
Just looking back to move-in day till now, makes ya jump for joy! There are soooo many pictures to share, both in the shop and from the dear ones who receive your gifts of prayer and lovingly made items. OH, and the numerous times we have sent an email, or posted to FB and y'all have responded to whatever the need with such generosity...YOU make a difference in this world and we are blessed to know each and every one of you!!!
No matter where you are woven into this adventure of The Lamb's Loom, PLEASE know you have our heartfelt thanks!!! We're praying y'all have a wondermous Thanksgiving weekend and we'll see you on the 1st! 
First Tuesday on the First

Monday, September 21, 2015

We just can't believe that September has flown by like this!

SOOOOO much has happened and we are so very grateful to all of you who have jumped in and participated!  

Space bags are filling up for Christmas deliveries, another shipment was put together for the women's ministry in China and LOTS of items have been collected for the Dump Church in Reynosa, Mx.

And of course, there's yarn and notions and classes, OH MY!

Trying to get everything ready and in place for when all our Winter Texan friends get back home, too! 

There have been a few changes since they all flew away, so we're hoping they are happy with a few of the new items. We already have news of some gifts they are bringing to donate, too!!! Can't wait to see all of those beautiful things! 

You can always see recent pictures and stories on FB and Twitter. And check our calendar for the latest class and event posting!
Thanks for checking in on us! As always....
Prayers & Purls till we see you again! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hope Filled Week!

Last week was such a blessing...THANKS to all who participated! We were soooo blessed to have Peggy and Jon Sperling drive all the way from Colorado, picking Hope up along the way, just to visit all us KnitWits!
Peggy is the director of Women Connect in China and she has been taking teams...with space bags full of shawls/hats, of China for the last few years. 17 trips so far!!! 
It was such a blessing for everyone to get to meet them and hear stories from China. We really have no idea the impact our shawls and hats have on so many.

One of the precious things is that Hope brought her prayer shawl with her to "meet" the ladies that created it. For those new to the KnitWits, Peggy used to give Hope a shawl on every trip to China! Not because she needed tons of shawls, but because every time Hope got one, she would then come across the path of someone who needed the encouragement of receiving one!   SO, that got us thinking and we made her one of her very own. We spent weeks passing it around and everyone added their favourite color and then Ann put little wooden hearts on each section with that person's name on it. THAT is the shawl she brought with her from China to be with her during her time here. Not all of us still live here, etc., but she did get to meet many of the names on that shawl....and each time she would find that lady's heart and just hold on to it. 
 Oh! What an amazing time we had praying over all these things that are off to China for the September trip! It was soooo special to have Hope and Peggy with us for this....

Peggy sharing more stories of their travels in China....could hear a pin drop!
 Dottie and Jo finally got to meet!!! :D

We showed Hope the donation chest and then SHE got to pick out things to send on the next trip....THAT was a first!!!

Hope just had to show Terri that these had been thoroughly tested, before sending them off!  
We got to tell Hope that Mary (on the left) always sends her shawls with a matching hat, so now she's got a friend's face with her when they are given away....a little more of the prayer shawl story woven together. 

Angela taught Hope how to make a flower on the now, she's a KnitWit! Right?

A quick stop at Shipley's before leaving town, of course!!!
We kept them busy for the three days they were here, meeting and making friends, while they shared stories about their work in China and other parts of the world.
God just filled these three days with precious times and sweet memories. Your prayers over it all, led the way....thank you! 

Just so ya know, Ann's first knee replacement surgery went very well!!!  She is doing really well at all the physical therapy, too. The other knee will be done tomorrow AND they say if she continues this progress, she'll just be sent straight home and do therapy from there!!! Thanks in advance for all the continued prayers....she'll be up and running in no time! 
Prayers & Purls

For the Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete.
Deuteronomy 16:15b

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our First Birthday!!!

The Lamb’s Loom is a non-profit
  Prayer Shawl ministry with a Yarn & Gift Shop

August marks our FIRST birthday,
come celebrate with us!

Special upcoming events:

Sat. 8/1 ~ Makers’ Faire McAllen 10-4pm

Tues 8/4 ~ First Tuesday, open 5-8pm

Sat. 8/8 ~ Birthday Brunch 10-2 pm

Wed. 8/12 ~ Morning meet our missionaries

Thurs 8/13 ~ KnitWit Party honoring our missionaries working in China 4-6pm

  •   Knitting room, with comfy chairs just for you!
  • KnitWits every Thursday 4-6pm ~ everyone is welcome!

  •   Featuring yarn by Cascade Yarns, Lion Brand, Nazli Gelen, StimpyLabs & Universal Yarns
  •   Local Hand-Dyed Yarn by DG Crazy Yarn
  •   Notion corner
  •   Hand-crafted gift items
  •   Classes & Knit Alongs
  •   Consignment items
  •   AND MORE!

Wednesday & Saturday 10-4
10-5:30  Thursday & Friday

Located inside Jac-Lin’s Florist
& Art Gallery
1209 Pecan Blvd. McAllen

Your participation helps with ongoing ministries in Mexico and China. 
Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baby Box!

What a FUN summer we're having around here!

More new people continue to "find" us everyday and we get to share with them some of the fun things going on around here like.....

Thanks to all of you, the donation chest is overflowing again! We sent 4 big space bags FULL of hats and scarves, home with Jacque for storage till Christmas. There are sooo many pretty things for show-n-tell, too! Blankets for friends, bridal shrugs for weddings, shawls and on it goes.
One of our friends, Sandy has what she calls a Baby Box. It is where she puts all the baby items she makes and then when there's a need, like a new grandbaby, Poof, she's ready! Well, we just love that idea! So, here are a few things that have made their way to a few baby boxes...

Ann's baby rattles! 
They are almost as adorable as these "satisfied customers".


 We've had soooo much fun in the sit-n-knit room! Angela brought her grandmother by the shop for a visit and we taught her to loom knit. She said she could already knit and crochet, so at 90+ it would be good to learn something new! What a precious, sweet time we had with her. Looking forward to her next visit to town. 

Cascade Avalon
Cascade PinWheel
 Our friend Judith came by to share what she had made from a couple of Cascade yarns, too. Just gorgeous!

Mark you calendar, too! The shop's first birthday is this August. Hard to believe, but it is true!!! There are all kinds of things planned to celebrate and to thank all of you for joining us in this journey. We are soooo very thankful to you all who join in this ministry in so many ways!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What FUN!

World Wide Knit in Public Day was a blast!!! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in everything from yarn bombing the front of the shop to sitn' and knitn' all over the place! We are sooooo blessed by all of you!

Ann and her group got to teach
a group of peeps from Kohl's and had a wondermous time. Kohl's also gave the Lamb's Loom a donation toward the work that is done in making hats for the kids in Mexico and China. PLUS, all these wonderful employees of theirs donated the hats they made! Thank y'all!!!

Here are some pics from some of our other locations, too....

Renee's of Sharyland ~ where Tomas introduced them to the restaurant and they were welcomed with applause from the whole place! Barbara, Mathy and Caroline were able to share with everyone about the prayer shawl ministry and the fun we have in serving together.

Langford Market had a special spot picked out and Sandra and her daughter got to sock making!

MoonBeans, altho' under construction, made a nice corner for our group and they got to work on hats and scarves. As it worked out, everyone that came in for coffee had to pass right by them, so they had a "captive audience" to share with.

City Cafe was just wondermous! Dottie, Jo, Elizabeth and Maria  had a great time sitting inside, out of the heat, and talking to all the customers there, also. The City Cafe staff really spoiled them and  invited them all back next year!

And of course, the Border Stitchers were well represented at Barnes and Noble. B & N also had a special section set apart just for them!  This wonderful group has really helped get the word out and we are truly blessed to know them all!

AND there will be a next year! According to the WWKiP site, 10 more countries were represented this year! That brought the total to 882 events in 56 countries. 
Thanks again to everyone who helped make this such a fun event!!!
We thank God for each of you!